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AGePOP ESRs at conferences!

March was a really good month for AGePOP ESRs. Not only because of the beginning of the spring but also because in March, 4 ESRs participated in scientific conferences, across the world.

4th European Conference on Pharmaceutics

Marseille, France

On 20-21 March 2023, Theodora Tzakri, Henriette Hummler and Dorota Sarwinska participated in the 4th European Conference on Pharmaceutics in Marseille. During these two days, the three young researchers learned a lot about drug delivery, advanced therapies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, in silico simulations, oral drug delivery, personalized medicine and much more! They met plenty of people from the pharmaceutical field including AGePOP supervisors Patrick Augustijns and Susanne Page. Young researchers had many interesting and inspiring conversations, which for sure will lead to more ideas to improve their research.

On the first day, Henriette and Dorota presented their projects during poster sessions. They had chances to have absorbing discussions with several people from academia as well as from the industry and answer their questions.

Henriette presenting her poster on Impact of size and shape of solid oral dosage forms on the preferences of older adults.

Attending the 4th European Conference on Pharmaceutics in Marseille meant for me to present my own research with a poster, to learn a lot about innovations in oral drug delivery and further in the field of personalized medicine and to make new connections. It was a versatile enrichment for me.

Young lady with conference name tag smiling at the camera next to her research poster.
Young lady with conference name tag smiling at the camera next to her research poster.

Real-life dosing conditions in geriatric patients – a questionnaire study summarized on a research poster by Dorota.

Participating in such a big conference is great experience. There are not many occasions to talk about science with people all around the world. That was amazing chance to learn something new and get inspiration and motivation to further work. The versatility of topics on the conference (3D printing, bioprinting, nanomedicine, in silico simulations or drug delivery) allow to broaden knowledge in so many areas of pharmaceutical sciences. That was my first poster presentation. I really enjoyed presenting my research to other participants and was glad to answer for all the questions.

On the second day, Theodora presented her research during the short talk session. The presentation was a great chance to demonstrate her work to a large and international audience. After the presentation an engaging discussion took place between the audience, the panel members and Theodora.

Theodora presenting her research: Compression-coated tablet for the determination of gastric water emptying.

During the conference, I had the opportunity to give an oral presentation in just 7 minutes of my latest work in front of a large audience, consisting of other PhD students, professors and industry partners. This was an overwhelming, but amazing experience! Also, I met other experts in my field (both academia and industry), learned about their work and captured the latest research projects that are taking place.

View from the audience to a young women presenting a slide. Next to it sit two panel members.
Three young women posing in front of the entrance to the European Conference on Pharmaceutics.

American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT) 2023 Annual Meeting

Atlanta, USA

What’s more, between 22-24 March 2023, Elma Edwina took part in the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT) 2023 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. During the conference, Elma presented her research on analytical techniques used in pharmacokinetics studies in geriatric population as a poster.

Young asian women standing next to her research poster.

Elma with her poster “Comparison of a calorimetric assay and ultra performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for quantifying paracetamol plasma concentrations: design of geriatric pharmacokinetics study”

It was a fantastic experience to connect with fellow researchers and practitioners in the field and share our knowledge and ideas. In addition to presenting my poster, I had the privilege of attending lectures about diversity and inclusion in clinical research. The discussions were insightful and thought-provoking, and it was inspiring to learn about the work being done to make clinical research more equitable and accessible to everyone. The conference was particularly relevant to AGePOP consortium. It highlighted the importance of considering diversity and inclusion in our research, especially in the context of an aging population. During the conference, I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow researchers working on geriatric clinical pharmacology. It was great to connect with like-minded professionals and share our experiences and insights on this important topic.

We all had a really good time, learned a lot of new things and now will use this knowledge in practice!

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By Dorota Sarwinska
ESR and PhD candidate