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Poster presentations at PharmSci 360 in Orlando, Florida

On 23-25 October 2023, Henriette Hummler, Adam Asteriadis and Jonas Kusch participated in the PharmSci 360 in Orlando, Florida organized by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. During the conference the three ESRs presented their posters regarding their projects within AGePOP.

Acceptable Solid Dosage Forms for Older Adults as Perquisite for Medication Adherence, The Current Situation

Poster presentation by Henriette Hummler, ROCHE

“It was a great pleasure to attend the PharmSci 360 in Orlando organized by AAPS. It gave the opportunity to hear about the latest progress within the field of pharmaceutical sciences and development and even to experience first-hand the advantages of patient-centric dosage forms. On top of the scientific enrichment, I was thrilled to attend the ‘Women in PharmSci Breakfast”, participate in the offers within ‘Careers 360’, and enlarge my network at the conference reception. In addition to new connections, I enjoyed meeting fellow ESRs from AGePOP as well as InPharma.”

Cognitive Impairment on the Physicochemical Characteristics of Fasting Gastric Contents of Individuals in Advanced Age: Initial data

Poster presentation by Adam Asteriadis, NKUA

“Attending such a big conference was an amazing experience. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, specialists in their fields, and to exchange opinions regarding our projects. That was my first poster presentation, and I was really happy presenting my research and the results of my project to other participants. It was interesting to see that the project attracted attention from other people, and I was glad to answer their questions. Besides, I had the opportunity to come closer with other ESRs from InPharma, to see their progress and to interact with them before and during the conference.”

Impact of Aging on Relative Gene Expression of Tight Junction Proteins in Duodenal and Colonic Epithelium: Preliminary data

Poster presentation by Jonas Kusch, NKUA

“During the AAPS conference in Orlando, I had the opportunity to present a poster about my current AGePOP research for the first time in an international setting. In addition to my own presentation, it was impressive to learn about the latest discoveries in pharmaceutical research made by scientists from academia and industry. I used the conference to meet new and familiar faces, have lively scientific discussions and listen to stimulating talks. It was also great to connect with like-minded young scientists and share our experiences and insights about our personal research projects.”

By Adam Asteriadis
ESR and PhD candidate