This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 956146.

Training for the ESRs during the first AGePOP week

On 4-7 May 2022, AGePOP ESRs, supervisors, partner organization representatives and advisory board participated in the first AGePOP week, which took place in Greifswald, Germany. This four-day meeting reinforced strong collaborations, fruitful discussion and a novel outlook.

On the first day, ESRs were given the opportunity to present their research progress that they have been busy with for the past few months at their host institutions. A round-table discussion afterwards stimulated ideas, provided feedback to ESRs and allowed the partners to encourage each other.

Multidisciplinary experts were also invited to talk about GI at an advanced age and clinical practice, publishing and science communication, and from bench to clinical trials on the second and third days. These talks inspired attendees and brought a fresh perspective to conduct productive and innovative research.

During the AGePOP week, the attendees engaged in networking and team building events to interact and build valuable connections. Surely, the first AGePOP week will empower productive research on drug absorption in geriatric patients and older people.

“The 1st AGePOP week was the perfect stage for us ESRs to present our project updates and get valuable feedback from the consortium, which opened new perspectives but also highlighted potential hurdles. In addition, we were able to listen to excellent speakers and had the opportunity to meet members of the consortium in person to exchange exciting ideas and opinions. The Greifswald city-run and the joint boat trip were further highlights that strengthened the cohesion in the group and the joy of sharing ideas. Many thanks to the Greifswald team for the excellent organization!”

Jonas Kusch - ESR 9