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AGePOP Webinar III: Physiological Based Approaches for Prediction Absorption in Older People

On Tuesday, April 16th, AGePOP welcomed 55 participants to the third installment of the webinar series. The topic of the day was “Physiological Based Approaches for Predicting Absorption in Older People: What you should know and why”, presented by Donnia Robins (ESR 10) and Cleo Demeester (ESR 11). After briefly introducing some of the particularities concerning the aging population and clinical studies, Cleo gave a summary of the methodology underlying Physiological Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling (PBPK), followed by Donnia who provided an overview of the versatility of popular PBPK modelling platforms. The audience was then led through a case study for building such a model for older people using the open-source PK-Sim software and other similar published models were also shortly mentioned. Emphasizing the need for a holistic approach when considering factors contributing to the high variability in the older population; specifics such as chronological vs biological age, sex as a covariate, and data limitations were also discussed. Finally, current and potential applications for this specialized modelling technique were summed up and the webinar concluded with an engaging Q&A session. 

The recording is available on YouTube and on our website. So, feel free to take a look today and stay tuned for our next event!

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By Donnia Robins and Jonas Kusch
ESRs and PhD candidates